The 17th of February, 2018 / 19:30 / Sankt Augustins Kirke / Jagtvej 183D, København Ø

The guest of Beautiful Music vol. 7 will be a big, international ensemble led by Julius Windisch!

The German pianist mixes influences from romantic heritage, contemporary classical and electronic music with the spirit and the sound of Jazz and Free Improvisation.
In his work, it gets very clear that many different musical genres are not as far from each other as one could think, but those borders can be crossed, creating extraordinary musical experiences.
In this new project, Julius gives a statement of his very personal vision of music – music he has always been trying to develop – and during the group’s performance, we will have a chance to hear this unique blend.

Line up:
Tyge Jessen – trumpet
Julius Windisch – piano, composition
Alexander Dawo – double bass
Simon Albertsen – drums
Paulina Storbacka – violin
Pauline Hogstrand – viola
Ida Nørby – cello

entrance as always 75/50 kr

and as always, stay with us after the concert, have some wine, talk and share your experience with others!